Social media in real estate

It’s an internet driven world, and keeping up with trends, platforms and current matters is almost inevitable now. Social media has become an essential part of any business. Real estate agents seeking to stand out and sell their products and services to specific demographics have achieved much success through social media platforms.

Overall, social media is key to promoting a company. It enables it to reach a wider audience, motivates them and also keeps them engaged.


Most real estate companies have achieved the above through:

• Keeping their audiences up to date with the most recent offerings, events and promos.
• Creating much awareness about their firms, products and services.
• Having on online platform for feedback.
• Gaining more customers through lead generation.
• And many more other ways.

Nonetheless, not every real estate agent is as savvy as they are supposed to be when it comes to social media marketing for their companies. It’s, therefore, important to learn more about the concept, and if possible outsource the services of a prominent social media management company for excellent results.

Website development

For a real estate firm, social media presence begins with integration of social links into the firm’s website and also posting website links on their social media pages. The content on both areas ( website and social media) should be meaningful, informative and captivating in order to generate leads and attract more visitors.

Social media platforms

Each platform works differently. Majority of them differ in the kind of content that performs well. For instance, what works well on Facebook may not necessarily perform the same way on Twitter or Pinterest. So here are basic content and engagement strategies for each platform worth trying out.


Twitter is quite prominent with newsy staff. By constantly posting information about offerings, promos, insights and the likes, one gains more followers and also keeps the present ones engaged. Through a Twitter chat, tenants can also pass information to you.


The key thing in boosting the exposure of Facebook posts is by making them informative, interesting and worth the visitors time. Facebook is a bit wide and so ensure, as a real estate firm, you reach your exact target audience by customizing your posts to their needs and expectation. To fully utilise Facebook it’s recommended you seek guidance from a social media agency which specialises in real estate.


How to clips, tour listings, interviews, name it, posted by real estate companies on the above platforms have proven useful not only in lead generation, but also boosting the firm’s reputation.

Google +

Potential customers, as well as engaged ones, will often want to ask questions or learn some particular things about real estate. Conducting live Hangouts still remains one of the best way to address such and also get leads and followers.


Human beings are visual. They will always enjoy seeing something that’s striking, breathtaking and appealing to their eyes. Quite a good number of real estate firms have optimized this by posting images that appeal to their target audience. It’s one sure way to attract leads and create awareness about the firm’s products and services.

Still, there are a lot more other prominent platforms apart from the ones that have been mentioned. Real estate company LJ Hooker, for instance, uses Sharepoint, which is also an effective platform and one that every real estate firm must use for more improved results.

Generally, the next generation of homeowners will definitely be excessively social media savvy and so it’s upon every real estate agent to take advantage of the growing concern for effective social media integration. It’s something not worth missing out on.