When deciding on whether to rent a furnished or unfurnished house or apartment, the majority of the tenants are often left in a dilemma. However, it would be best if your needs guide you in choosing what will qualify as your ideal choice. Of course, you’ll have to consider your budget and other basic requirements. A good number of apartments or houses are either unfurnished, furnished or semi-furnished. But should why should you opt for unfurnished one?

It’s worth noting that furnished places can definitely offer a good number of benefits. That’s exciting, but not as much as what you’ll experience renting unfurnished places. Here’s why.


Being furnished basically implies that a furnished apartment will be more expensive than an unfurnished one. Most landlords will want to cover depreciation costs, damage costs and other costs, which, by the way, can be avoided. Not only are the later less expensive, you can as well take advantage of the savings and invest in your own furniture that are more affordable and suitable for your place at furniture stores. Thereafter, you can arrange your furniture at your convenience.


With furnished houses or apartments, tenants are solely responsible for all repairs, as well as damages caused by either themselves or guests, to the rental property. The chances of this happening are just higher, not forgetting to mention that the costs will be deducted from your security deposit. However, renting unfurnished one is way too different. You don’t expect anyone to charge you anything for the damages you cause to your own furniture, unlike with the former. In fact, you’ll just be liable for damages caused to other rental properties like windows, sinks, or doors, in case they get damaged.

Style and Comfort

Overall, most landlords will furnish their apartments with hardy, functional furniture that will just stand a majority of the tenants. However, you may find this to be unwise since you’d love to personally decorate and design your own place. When you desire more high-end or decorative pieces in your living room, renting unfurnished place will give you more freedom. You’ll have the unlimited opportunity to fill your rooms with awesome and affordable pieces that you buy from furniture stores.

Future expectations

As a renter, you may, at the time, not have any furniture, although you still have plans to purchasing some in future. Now, in such a case, renting unfurnished place will be the ideal choice for you since it will allow you a chance to rent as you wait upon the appropriate time to shop for your furniture. Alternatively, you can take possession of the place soon as you purchase your furniture.

Added storage

You might have trouble finding space to store your other pieces of furniture or property, in the case of furnished houses of apartments. For some, the furniture may not be worth disposing due to their nature, as well as a person’s wish. In the case you decide to hire additional space, you’ll definitely incur additional costs on top of your rent. Thus, renting unfurnished seem to make more sense in this scenario since you can move in with your revered pieces of furniture and worry less about additional space for storage.

Maximizing space

With an unfurnished place, you can set it up the way you wish. You can add extra items such as shelves, futon or a mezzanine bed just to make good use of the available space. You’ll probably like it that way since it will always reflect your preferences and desires.

Less competition

Most furnished houses or apartments are normally occupied by students. However, students tend to move out as soon as their studies are over, and they get replaced as well with other students. The cycle normally continues and sometimes you’ll find yourself competing with them to rent some of the houses. Well, how do you avoid that? It’s simple. Rent unfurnished place! It’s less of a hassle since there are usually few applicants.